Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sports Cake

Kayla, who turned 17 today is all about high school sports! She's lettered in basketball, softball and soccer and wants to be an ESPN sports announcer when she gets out of college (she's going on a soccer scholarship!).

I had her stepmom send us a picture of her letterman's jacket... the logo on the jersey is an exact duplicate of the picture on the back of her jacket. Even the way her name appears on the back matches her jacket!

I learned from Kayla's stepmom, that they are both fans of our cakes!! (yay!)  Kayla really wanted one of our couture cakes for her birthday, but didn't think it was in the cards. She was SO surprised when her dad and stepmom surprised her with this!

Everything on this cake is edible, except for the ribbon at the base of the cakes. The flavor is chocolate with *white chocolate cream cheese* filling.. yum!

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