Saturday, June 5, 2010

Movie Night Themed Brithday Party

Happy 8th Birthday to my son Jake!

Being 8 years old, one of his favorite things are movies. Ask for a movie party and you shall receive!

My friend Shannon from SCRAP LIFT IT made these custom Movie Night invitations for me. Shannon is SO FABULOUS... I just told her my theme and she made 8 of these for me!

She has made all my kids' invites over the years, and she'll make some for you too! Email her over at and get your order started!

I designed Jake's entire party around her custom invitations....

These are the goodie bags I sent home with the kids. Edible image cookies! I chose three of Jake's favorite movies : Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Mall Cop. There is one of each cookie in the bags.

I wonder if these will make it all the way home?

Happy Birthday Buddy!

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  1. I just discovered your guys via The Tomkat Studio on Facebook. I'm hooked! I love what you are doing and the level of excellence and attention to detail you do it with. AWESOME!!!